Mission Statement

The mission of Beth El House (BEH) is to help homeless families, with emphasis on victims of domestic violence. The focus of Beth El House services is on transition to independent living through its program of subsidized housing and individualized services.

Scope of our Mission

BEH provides services in Fairfax County for homeless families with children, with an emphasis on victims of domestic violence. Participants are selected on the basis of their readiness to succeed in its program. In the course of up to two years plus a third year of after-care, BEH assists its families with in-depth, individualized services designed to strengthen their potential for long term success. By monitoring and evaluating progress, BEH identifies each family’s needs and provides resources through referrals, community programs and volunteer assistance. In addition to a subsidized rental housing unit, each family receives customized assistance in areas such as mental health, physical health, employment, financial management, education, nutrition, and family life skills. Program goals are targeted toward financial, economic and emotional well being; areas associated with permanent family stability.